About Mechanical Engineering Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department at CCE is committed to making the students future ready through proper mentoring, hands-on training and excellent facilities. The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members trained in reputed institutes. The under graduate program enables the students to take up careers in a broad spectrum of industries. The students are provided with good computational knowledge and exposed to a variety of design and analysis softwares. This broad and flexible program allows students to customize their programs to meet their career goals.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering strives, through the excellence of its people, to become the leader in education and research by leading the students through the path of knowledge and technology.


The Mechanical Engineering program commits itself::

  • To educate the graduates to be in the discipline and to succeed and thrive as successful professionals.
  • To buildup the attitude of lifelong learning and meet the challenges intellectually and ethically.
  • To create knowledge through research and apply it for the benefit of society.