Dr. Viswanath K. Kaimal


Education Summary

  • Ph.D in Alternative Energy Resources
  • Masters in Thermal Engineering
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Employment History

  • Teaching Research Assistant 12/09/2013 to 31/06/2013.
  • Christ College of Engineering , Irinjalakuda from 25/07/2016 to till date, as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Papers Published:

  • Performance and Combustion of a DI diesel engine using Waste Plastic Oil. International Conference on Applied Engineering Science and Technology, 2015
  • Effects Of Using Pongamia, Neem And Ricebran Methyl Esters In A CI Engine. ICCSEME 2014
  • An investigation on the effects of using DEE additive in a DI diesel engine fuelled with waste plastic oil. Journal of Fuel (2016) 90–96.
  • A study on synthesis of energy fuel from waste plastic and assessment of its potential as an alternative fuel for diesel engines. Waste Management 51 (2016) 91–96.
  • A detailed study of combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine using waste plastic oil and its blends. Journal of Energy Conversion and Management105 (2015) 951-956.
  • A detailed investigation of the combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine fuelled with plastic oil and rice bran methyl ester. Journal of the Energy Institute (2015) 1-7
  • An analysis on combustion and emission characteristics of CI engine using blends of cotton seed biodiesel. International Journal of Renewable Energy and Research, 5(2) (2015).
  • Property analysis of waste plastic oil and size measurement of nanoparticles. International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology, 2016.

National Conferences

  • A Study on Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Pongamia Oil. National Conference on Current Trends in Engineering and Technology

Specialized Trainings/Workshops/Seminars

  • National level seminar on “Atmospheric science Implication to climatic change and optical communication” 2015
  • Short term course on Automotive Fuels & Emission June 2013, NIT Trichy

Areas of Interest

  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Nanofuels
  • IC Engines and emission control


  • Recognised reviewer in many peer reviewed international journals of Elsevier Publications, Wiley Online Library, Sage Publications etc.