Student's Grievence Redressal Committee

We have a committee to monitor and address whatever grievance any student might have. This committee discharges its duties without distortion, bias or personal prejudice. The faculty members that constitute this committee are as follows:

  • Dr. V.D. John (Prof; Chemistry) - Chairman
  • Ms. Neethu Balachandran (Asst. Prof; Physics) – Facilitator
  • Mr. Premakumar N.R. (Prof; Physics)
  • Mr. Reynold Jose (Asst. Prof; ME)
  • Mr. Roshan David (Asst. Prof; ME

Student Welfare Committee

Welfare of the students is given due importance in our college. Students are the very reason for this institution. Hence we have a committee in place to ensure that the student voices are heard and that their concerns get the desired attention. The committee members are as follows:

  • Mr. Sreejith T.V. (Asst.Prof; ME) - Chairman
  • Mr. Vaisakh Venu (Asst. Prof; Mathematics) - Facilitator
  • Mrs. Anjaly Anto (Asst. Prof; EE)
  • Master Bonnie Joseph (FYEC)
  • Master Jerin Jooseph (FYME)
  • Master Ashiq Ullas (FYCS)
  • Master Ashiq C.A. (FYEE)
  • Master Harikrishnan C.P. (FYCE)

Library Council

To ensure that the library fulfills the academic needs of students and faculty, a library council has been constituted. The library council meets once in 6 months to review the library facilities and to suggest ways to optimize the utilization of the library resources. The library council has representation from the student community as well.

Staff Welfare Committee

Staff welfare is given its due place in our institution’s scheme of things. A committee has been constituted to that effect. We believe that a teacher is poised to become one of the most influential persons in the life of a student and therefore it is our duty to ensure that nothing is hindering the teachers in the effective discharge of their duties. The committee members are as follows:

Canteen Committee

Our college has a canteen committee in place to ensure that good and hygienic food is served at reasonable rates in a safe and hygienic environment. The committee members are as follows:

Hostel Committee

We have a hostel committee in place to ensure smooth functioning of the hostel facility. All hostel related concerns are handled by this committee. This committee comprises of the following members:

Arts Committee

To encourage the God-given talents in our students we have formed an Arts Committee. The committee members ensure that no talent is left un-noticed. Whenever possible, suitable platforms are provided for the students to display their skill and creativity. The members of the Arts committee are as follows:

Sports Committee

All study and no play makes any student a dull one. We have constituted a Sports Committee to look into the students’ need to engage in sporting activities. The numerous sporting facilities of Christ Monastery is at the disposal of all the students.
The Sports Committee members are as follows: