Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1:
To equip our graduates to think critically and creatively and to excel in applying the fundamentals of mechanical engineering.

PEO 2:
To inculcate in our students a desire for learning so that they have the ability and self-confidence to adapt to rapid and major changes in research and work environments.

PEO 3:
To mould our graduates towards leadership in shaping the social, intellectual, business and technical worlds and to excel in diverse careers.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO 1:
An ability to identify, formulate and apply technical know-how to solve Mechanical engineering problems.

PO 2:
An ability to carry out critical technical review, formulate research problem and apply research methodology to arrive at substantiated conclusions.

PO 3:
An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools (including softwares) necessary for effective engineering practice.

PO 4:
An ability to identify and analyze the mechanical properties of the materials by different characterization techniques.

PO 5:
An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.

PO 6:

An ability to apply Science & amp; Mathematics in engineering problems and solve the same.
PO 7:

An ability to make research reports and make effective presentations.