The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

About the Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering has been chiefly responsible for bringing people from different corners of the globe closer to each other. Not just that, information transmission and distribution is super quick today thanks to the electronics and communication engineers. In spite of rapid advancements, the challenges and opportunities in this profession continue to mushroom. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at CCE is committed to developing among its students an aptitude to innovate, design, analyze and implement Electronic and Communication systems for future global requirements in this ever changing technology scenario. The well equipped labs and smart classrooms are designed to enhance the learning experience of the students.



To become pioneer in higher learning and research and to produce creative solution to societal needs.


To implement best learning teaching practices by providing excellent infrastructure and quality education to impart life long learning and research.To mould character of every student by providing value-based education.To make students self-dependent and useful for the society.

PEO 1:
Acquire educational foundation that prepares them for professional careers, higher studies in the field of Electronics & Communication engineering.

PEO 2:
Obtain in depth knowledge of the core discipline of Electronics & Communication engineering so that they will be successful in designing new products and finding technically sound, cost effective and socially acceptable solutions to engineering problems.

PEO 3:
Utilize their knowledge, skills and resources to design and develop solutions to engineering problems for a multidisciplinary work environment.

Engineering Graduates will be able to:
PO 1:
Inculcating in students with innovative design concepts and managerial skills in Civil Engineering to prepare cost effective solutions.

PO 2:
The ability to recognize the need of the society like housing, transportation,sanitation, waste management, irrigation and use of renewable energy for a sustainable environment.

PSO 1:
Graduates will be able to demonstrate the concepts of Electronics & Communication engineering in fields of communication, embedded system, semiconductor technology, consumer electronics and networking.

PSO 2:
Graduates will be able to generate a potential to put in technical knowledge and usage of modern tools and technologies related to Electronics & Communication engineering for arriving at the solutions for real world problems.

PSO 3:
Graduates will be able to produce energy efficient, eco-friendly systems with high quality for applications related to Electronics & Communication industry.



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