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The Electronics Engineering Department of Christ College of Engineering has well equipped laboratories in which the undergraduate level laboratory testing as well as private sector works are being done. The department has laboratories on

Electronics Workshop

This laboratory gives hands-on familiarization of all electronics components, tools and equipments. Student can identify the active and passive electronic components. This course gives the basic introduction of electronic hardware systems and provides hands-on training with familiarization, identification, testing, assembling, dismantling, fabrication and repairing such systems by making use of the various tools and instruments available in the electronics workshop.

Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

This course gives the skills in designing ,testing and demonstration of analog integrated circuits. To expose the students to a variety of practical circuits using various analog ICs.

Electronics Circuits Lab

This course gives the ability to identify basic electronic components. Design and demonstrate functioning of various discrete analog circuits. To familiar with computer simulation of electronic circuits and how to use it proficiently for design and development of electronic circuits. Understand the concepts and their applications in engineering.To create an ability to communicate effectively the scientific procedures and explanations about the experiments in oral/report forms.

Digital Electronics Lab

This course provides students to familiarize with digital ICs, the building blocks of digital circuits. To provide students the opportunity to set up different types of digital circuits and study their behavior.

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

This laboratory gives practice in assembly language programming on microprocessors and microcontrollers. To practice fundamentals of interfacing various peripheral devices with microcontrollers and processors.

Electronic Design Automation Lab

The primary objective of this lab is to familiarize the students, how to simulate the electronics/digital circuits, signals and systems using the soft-wares which are available for the modern design methodologies for the rapid design and verification of complex electronic systems.


This lab enables the students to explore the concepts of design, simulation and implementation of various systems using MATLAB and DSP kit. Students should able to design, simulate and realize various systems related to DSP.