BETA - Battalion of Electrical Techno Artificers

The electrical department of Christ college of engineering officially began functioning on 12th March, 2017. The executive committee members were from the students and various posts were assigned as:

General Secretary : - Manu Mohan Secretary : - Peter Xavier Treasurer : - Saneesh P. Sunny
Executive Members : Seby George, Joel John, Elena Paul, Manu krishna, Krishna Priya, Vibin T.V, Joshmi Davis.
Staff In- Charge : - Mr. Alex Jose, Asst.Professor, EEE Dept.

The Battalion of Electrical Techno Artificers, acronymed “ BETA” was inaugurated and logo was released by Ms. Sheeja Jose, Assistant Engineer at Kerala State Electricity Board, Kattor. It was made colourfully and electrically grand by the members of the association under the leadership of Manu, the chairman. The program was loaded with lots of creativity.

Association Activities

Project Exhibition
As a part of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department BETA activity, we have conducted a project exhibition on 23/02/2018, various projects on 1st year, 2nd year & 3rd year students were displayed in expo. The exhibition was inaugurated by our beloved Executive Director Fr. John Palliakara, in presence of Joint Director Fr. Joy Paiyyapilly and Principal Dr. Sajeev John. The whole association was divided into 27 groups each entrusted with a duty to present a creative project. Committees were drawn up and the tasks were entrusted to each for the smooth running of initiative.
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Workshop on AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, among other things.

one-day workshop was organized by Ms. Emilin Thomas Kangappadan, Asst. Professor, CCE, on “Basics of AutoCAD” on 20th December 2018 for the first semester students. During the morning session, the students were taught the basics of the software and in the afternoon session they were made to draw a plan and elevation of a room. They were also asked to place electrical equipments in the room such as fan, light socket, etc and to show the wiring of these equipments.

After the session, the students divided themselves into 6 groups of 9 members each. Each group was further divided into 3 subgroups of 3 members each. Each main group selected a particular room of a building and different dimensions were selected by each subgroup. The students drew the plan and elevation of the room along with the electrical equipment present in the room using AutoCAD software. The wiring diagram was also included in the project. An estimate was prepared by each group focusing on the amount of wire required for the room. The project was submitted by the students on 1st January 2018.

The workshop gave the students an idea on how to find out the estimate of the electrical accessories required during the construction of a building.

Extension Boards made in Christ College of Engineering

We believe in providing our students with hands-on practice and not just theoretical knowledge so that they can become entrepreneurs and be capable of coming up with start-ups of their own. As part of that, we encourage students to come up with simple, but relevant technical products. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of our college is proud to announce the launch of an electrical item, the Extension Board. The students have themselves made these boards. Only high quality branded materials have been used for making this product. We vouch for the quality and long life of our product. At present we are bringing out this product in three varieties in the price range of Rs.550/-, Rs.600/- and Rs.700/-, the prices of equivalent product in the market is minimum Rs.300/- higher than our price. We are also pleased to make any modifications in the product as per the customer’s needs.

Specification Details

  1. 1.5sqmm 3 core Finolex cable 5m length, plug top with LED indicator, GM switches 6A 2No: and GM 3pin socket 6A 2No: -------- Rs.550/-
  2. 1.5sqmm 3 core Finolex cable 5m length, plug top with LED indicator, GM switches 6A 3No: and GM 3pin socket 6A 3No: -------- Rs.600/-
  3. 1.5sqmm 3 core Finolex cable 5m length, plug top with LED indicator, GM switches 6A 4No: and GM 3pin socket 6A 4No: -------- Rs.700/-.

Extension Boards

Extension Boards
made in
Christ College of Engineering

price range of
Rs.550/-, Rs.600/- and Rs.700/-

Funded project CHARIOT

As fund generation program, third year students of our Electrical & Electronics Engineering students developed a socially relevant project: CHARIOT. Chariot made of LEDs to be leased out during the festive season and it was inaugurated by Fr. John Palliakara, the Executive director of Christ College of Engineering in the presence of Joint Director Fr. Joy Paiyyapilly, Principal Dr. Sajeev John & Head of EEE Department, Jinu K.T . Everyone was very much appreciative about the amount of work put in and the outcome of the effort.

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IEEE PES Kerala Chapter has organize 8th Quiz Contest for engineering students as part of 2015 IEEE Day celebrations. The college level quiz is has held on the 5th October, Monday at the library from 3:30 to 4:30.

The quiz consists of 40 questions (GK-20, Current affairs-10 & Science & Engg-10).The duration of the quiz is 20 minutes. Winners & runners-up qualify for the finals at hub & state levels to be held on Nov 4th at TKM College of Engg, Kollam. All participants secured 10 activity point for the college level contest. Certificates for winners and two runners-up at the College level are provided and they are selected for hub level.

An Insight into Residential Energy Pattern

The session was conducted by Mr. Adhil Naser, Assistant Professor, Cooperative Academy of professional Education (CAPE), Aranmula on 16/02/2018 afternoon. The session was conducted as part of the Association day of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. The program was organized by the electrical department association BETA ( Battalion of Electrical Techno Artificers).

He began the session by introduction about the generation of energy. The session was proceeded by the topics of generation methods, transmission and distribution of power. The topic was conveyed effectively to the students.

It has been said that only 80% of power is generated in Kerala and rest is imported from other places, various methods was explained by Mr. Adhil Naser, in order to prevent this import of energy from other places as an Electrical engineer.

Different methods for reducing the power consumption was explained by him. The role of an electrical engineer in reducing the consumption of power & power consumption of different type of televisions and fan was also discussed.

The method of setting up a electrical bill was shown by him. How the divisions of price for different levels of units also was explained. Finally the design of a solar system was discussed.

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