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The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Christ College of Engineering has well equipped laboratories in which the undergraduate level laboratory testing as well as private sector works are being done. The department has laboratories on

Electrical Engineering Workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to familiarize the students with commonly used components, accessories and measuring equipments in electrical installations. Also students get hands on experience in setting up of simple wiring circuits.

Circuits and Measurements Lab

In this lab students get experience to develop measurement systems for various electrical circuits and systems and to use different transducers for measurement of physical variables.

Electrical Machines lab

In this laboratory, students will have the opportunity to give hands on experience in testing DC Motors, DC generators, single phase and three phase Transformers, Alternators, Three phase and Single phase Induction Motors and induction generators.

Systems and Control lab

The main purpose of this lab is to to develop mathematical models for electrical systems, analyze the systems and implement compensators for systems based on system performance. After successful completion of this course, students will be able to develop mathematical models for servomotors and other electrical systems , can perform the analysis of different process control systems and different types of controllers and to design and analyze simple systems and compensators.

Power Electronics and Drives Lab

The main objective of this lab is to impart practical knowledge for the design and setup of different power electronic converters and its application for motor control, to simulate the various power electronics converters, AC drives and DC drives and apply these converters for the implementation of various motor control applications.