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The Department of Mechanical Engineering strives, through the excellence of its people, to become the leader in education and research by leading the students through the path of knowledge and technology.

Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab

The main purpose of this laboratory is to demonstrate the applications of theories of basic fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines and to provide a more intuitive and physical understanding of the theory. Physical basis of Bernoulli's equation is learnt,and applied in flow measurement (orifice, Nozzle and Venturi meter), and to a variety of problems. Determination of the efficiency and plotting the characteristic curves of different types of pumps and turbines is also done.

Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab

The objective of this lab is to introduce students the basics and standards of engineering drawing related to machines and components. Students learn the technical skills regarding assembly, production, part drawings and also get familiarise with various limits, fits and tolerances. This facility helps students gain knowledge about standard CAD packages on modelling and drafting.

Thermal Engineering Lab

In this laboratory, students will have the opportunity to study the working principle of IC engines (both SI and CI engines), performance and characteristics in terms of heat balancing, economical speed variations, air fuel ratio influence on the engine, to reinforce classroom theory by having the student perform required tests, analyze subsequent data, and present the results in a professionally prepared report.

Manufacturing technology Lab

This laboratory gives practice on machine tools and identify, manipulate and control various process parameters during machining process in the manufacturing industry. Practice on welding technologies is also provided. Experiments in this lab help to gain knowledge on the structure, properties, treatment, testing and applications of Steel, cast Iron and Brass.