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The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India's leading recognised professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication & IT. It serves more than 1,25,000 members (including Corporate, Student and ISF members) through various 63 Centres, spread all over India and abroad. The Institution provides leadership in Scientific and Technical areas of direct importance to the national development and economy.



Advanced Embedded Product Design by E Physics Embedded

Industry internship

This internship program is specially designed for third year and final year B.Tech students of ECE, CSE and ME branches. This training comprises of four levels on how to build an embedded product by considering all standards used by the automotive industry sector. Training will be handled by Ephysics embedded system team under the leadership of Mahesh Chellapa (SW lead of Ephysics Embedded). This workshop contains various modules and technical specifications used by automotive sector.

Webinar Series: Careers of Tomorrow

Industry Interactive Session

As part of the industry interaction webinar series organized by the Department of ECE in association with IETE Students forum, a session on ‘Careers of Tomorrow‘ was conducted. Mr. Abhishek R Patil, Founder and CEO, Zcielentia Labs Skills at Will, Banglore delivered a talk for one hour followed by a question answer session for fifteen minutes. He spoke about the changes anticipated in the job market with the evolution of new technology such as AI and ML and in the wake of COVID Lockdown.

Microwind and Xilinx


A five day online internship programme was organised by Department of ECE in association with IETE Students Forum on ‘Microwind and Xilinx ’. The programme was designed to introduce students to VLSI design in ASIC and FPGA.

Webinar Series: Looking beyond B.Tech Degree

Industry Interactive Session

The second among the industry interaction webinar series organized by the Department of ECE in association with IETE Students forum, a session on ‘Looking beyond B.Tech Degree‘ wasarranged for students on 31-10-2020 at 2:00 pm over Google Meet. Rema Tirutheri, Team Leader, Wireless project, C-DOT, Bangalore,talked about the job prospects in core and allied domains after B Tech. She also mentioned about attitudes and skills that would help students to crack interviews.

Robotics workshop


To foster technical aptitude among students, a workshop on Robotics was organised by Dept. of ECE in association with IETE Students Forum on 12-01-2021 for the batch of 2020-24. Mr.Sunil Paul, Director Christ center for innovation and open learning, CCEwas the resource person. Design and assembly of basic line follower robot with Arduino was demonstrated with necessary kit. IETE student volunteers assisted the resource person in the workshop.

Webinar Series: Trending Revolutionary Telecom

Industry Interactive Session

Anoop K Jayan, JTO, BSNL- Ernakulam,talked about the history of telecom revolution that transformed the human life starting from Wired telecom to 4G. He also explained the anticipated roll out of 5G technology which would reduce the communication latency to such a lower level that, it could further revolutionize areas such as robotic surgery and industry automation. He briefly explained about the technology hurdles for installing 5G in India.

Hands on Workshop: AR-VR workshop

Technical workshop - Industry

A technical workshop on AR-VR was organised by Dept. of ECE in association with IETE Students Forum on 4th May 2022. Students of 2018-2022, 2019-2023, 2020-2024 batches were given separate sessions of two hours each. Ms. Soorya, CEO, Manas VR Lab Pvt. Ltd gave an introduction to AR-VR technology using practical demonstration. Ms. Sreelekha T, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE and Mr. Bastin Jaison, S6 ECE Coordinated the programme. The session was organized as part of ‘Techletics 22.’

Technical talk on "Birth of a chip"

Technical talk

A technical talk on ‘Birth of a Chip’ was organised by the Department of ECE in association with IETE Students’ Forum on 25th September 2023 over Google Meet. An overview of VLSI fabrication process was presented in the session. ASIC and FPGA design methodologies were also explained.

Workshop on ‘ Design for testability’

Technical talk

An online session of Design For Testability (DFT) which finds wider scope in industry was organised by the Department of ECE in association with IETE Students Forum. Veena K, Anora Semiconductors was the resource person. Students of batches 2018-2022, 2019-2023 and 2020-2024 attended the program. It gave insights to a new technological arena.

Technical talk on "Embedded system design for project"

Technical talk

A session on embedded project design was given to S6 ECE students with a view to support their Miniprojects on 24th June 2022. Mr. Rajiv T.R, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE gave a hand on introduction to Arduino based projects.

Exhibition on Evolution of Electronics


As part of the biennial techfest ‘Techletics 22’ Department of ECE in association with IETE Students Forum organised an exhibition titled ‘Evolution of Electronics’ was organised. BSNL Thrissur was the organising partner for the event. Various electronic components, valves to telecommunication equipment were exhibited. Posters prepared by students depicting the growth and progress of Electronic Science was also informative.

Quiz competion-Brainy Bits (Prisma'23)

Quiz Competition – Extra curricular activity

An online quiz competition was organized as part of PRISMA 2023. Students from various branches participated. The event was hosted online.

Logic Circuit Designing competition-Bug Buster (Prisma'23)

Technical Competition

A technical competition was organised as part of PRISMA 2023 based on Logic Circuit Design Course.Students were asked to debug a logic circuit (assembled on a software platform) abiding by a certain condition, that they could defuse a ‘virtual bomb’. Three circuits were given for solving, and the teams that completed with least time and attempts were given prizes

‘Wheels on Fire’ -RC Car race



Drone show


A drone show and Expo was organized as part of PRISMA 2023. The show lasted for one hour and the expo was conducted infront of Chavara Block.

Hands-on Workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication

Jointly organized by Department of ECE, IETE Students Forum and IEDC CCE

A hands-on session on PCB Design and Fabrication was organized by the Department of ECE, IETE Students Forum, and IEDC CCE. The students were trained in creating PCB design in Orcad Capture, in transferring the printed design to PCB boards, etching and drilling.

Innovision - All Kerala Project Expo

Inter College Project Expo and Competition

An inter college project expo and competition was organised by the Department of ECE in association with ECTA and IEEE as part of PRISMA 23. Twenty teams from various colleges exhibited their projects. The expo was inaugurated by Fr. Joy Payyappilly CMI, Joint Director, CCE. A total of Rs. 10000/ was given as the prize money.

Space quizard

Extra Curricular Activity

As part of celebrating Space Week, Department of ECE and IETE Students Forum organised a Space Quizzard, open to all students of CCE

Technical talk :Spaced


On 17th October 2022, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at CCE conducted a session titled 'SpacED' for its students. The session was held in the Conference Hall of the institution and began promptly at 10.30 am. The resource person for the session was Mr. Gabe Gabrielle, a renowned scientist and motivational speaker who currently works at Kennedy Space Centre NASA.

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