At Christ College of Engineering, our robust Faculty Advisory System is dedicated to ensuring each student's holistic development and success throughout their academic journey. With three experienced faculty advisors assigned to each class, providing support for an average of 20 students, our approach is deeply personal and tailored. Monthly one-on-one meetings serve as a platform for academic and personal discussions, fostering a continuous and supportive relationship between advisors and students. A cornerstone of our system is the enduring support provided by advisors who stay with the same student team throughout the entire program. This continuity allows for a deep understanding of each student's unique needs and aspirations. The meticulous maintenance of a comprehensive Student Datasheet further enhances the ability to offer personalized guidance, encompassing academic progress, personal background, and career ambitions. Our commitment to involving parents in the academic journey is evident through regularly conducted Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings. Additionally, our advisors undertake annual home visits, ensuring a direct and on-campus guardianship approach, especially during challenging situations. Beyond academic support, our Counseling Facility is staffed with professionally qualified counselors, available Monday to Thursday throughout the academic session. The provision of confidential individual counseling rooms underscores our commitment to providing a safe and supportive space for students to discuss academic and personal concerns. Empowering students with the right attitude and aptitude is a key focus of our counseling services, unlocking their full potential. In essence, at Christ College of Engineering, our mentoring system goes beyond traditional academic support. It is a comprehensive approach that seeks to nurture well-rounded individuals, equipping them not only for academic success but also for the challenges of the professional world.


Achieving Academic Balance

05 Feb 2024

Webinar on "Effective ways to be a better parent"

13 Mar 2023

Talk on "Attitude is Altitude"

25 Jan 2023

Workshop on skills of mentoring

29 Oct 2022

A webinar on "Effective Ways to Be a Better Parent"

23 Aug 2022

Painting and Drawing Competition

02 Nov 2021

A session on "Coping Mechanism for Stress"

10 Oct 2021

A session on "Student Well-being and Online Education"

20 Jun 2021

A session on "Strategizing Challenges Ahead"

12 Mar 2021

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