Women Development Cell



The Women Cell aims at empowering and orienting women to recognize their true potential and to help them attain their own stand in a competing world. The goal is to provide a platform to young women to voice their thoughts and opinions and to share their experiences. It also aims at providing personal guidance, legal awareness on specific issues concerning women.



To enlighten and empower women in rural and suburban society and enable them to act as agents of social transformation and acquire knowledge of self and surroundings and to make the world a better place.



  1. To stimulate the most conducive ambience for the promotion of quality in teaching and learning.
  2. To empower women students hailing from rural background to face the challenges of life with dignity, honour and self-respect and to inculcate self-esteem in them.
  3. To become a centre of excellence providing value-based education aimed at the integrated development of individuals into responsible citizens with social commitment.
  4. To groom the personality of students making them self-sufficient to reach out to the less privileged, the downtrodden and the abandoned in the community
  5. To mould a team of students with the required knowledge, skills and attitude with global competency, capable of working towards the transformation of the society.
  6. To create awareness to live in harmony with the natural environment, to preserve it and to act as agents of peace, goodwill, natural integration and solidarity to make the world a better place.
  7. To enable students to communicate effectively and to empower them to face the issues and challenges with poise and confidence.

Committee Members

1. Ms. Aswathy P Sajeev


Asst. Professor