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Real Persistent Mechxians (RPM)

Real Persistent Mechxians (RPM) emerged from the fervent ambition of the Mechanical Engineering Department to create a unified platform, fostering togetherness by consolidating all cultural and technical endeavors. In its impressive 5-year journey, RPM has blossomed into a well-structured association, setting the pace and securing its distinguished position among the top-ranking entities within our college. The heartbeat of college events, RPM has consistently spearheaded major initiatives, drawing massive crowds and amassing an ardent local fan base. Its magnetic pull extends beyond numbers; RPM has become synonymous with a close-knit community within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, nurturing an inviting and familial atmosphere. At the epicenter of RPM's meteoric rise stands Maschinen Fest, an annual extravaganza that epitomizes the association's essence – a dynamic fusion of creativity, innovation, and collective wisdom showcased within the captivating world of mechanical engineering.

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For all doubts, queries regarding the department,
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