Department of

Computer Science and Engineering



Sl.No Name Event Year Organized By Prize
1. Remya K Sasi Customer behaviour prediction using propensity model 2020-2021 Advanced and Emerging applications in Big Data and Machine learning, Ghaziabad, India Journal
2. Remya K Sasi Emotion based music player 2020-2021 International E-conference on Energy, Control, Computing and Electronic Systems, Tirupati, Andra Pra Journal
3. Nikhil Samuel A Survey on Blockchain Secured Automated Valuation Using AI 2020-2021 International Conference of Information & Communication Engineering(ICICE-2020)Bharat Institute of E Journal
4. Prasanth K Baby Fund Transfer Using Blockchain 2020-2021 Online National Conference on Innovations and Challenges in Geotechnical Engineering Journal
5. Remya K Sasi Raga Classification using Convolutional Neural Network 2020-2021 11thMajorov International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Systems Journal

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