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Sept. 24, 2023

Cleaning the Railway Station at Kalletumkara.

Today September 24 th , celebrated as NSS day. NSS UNIT 339 is happy to celebrate this day by cleaning the Railway Station at Kalletumkara. We ensure that more events will be conducted.


Oct. 8, 2023

Clean And Green Day

Conducted a cleaning event in our college and we are overwhelmed to announce we had about 47 students from S3 to help us. Also, this event was part of the selection of new Volunteers for batch 2023-25.


Oct. 3, 2022


On October third 2022, the NSS Unit No:588 coordinated a Tree Manor Drive at Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda. The drive was expected to advance natural mindfulness among the undergrads and the nearby local area. The occasion began at 9 am toward the beginning of the day, and it was held at the area behind St Mary's block in the college premises.


March 20, 2023

Cleaning the Railway Station at Chalakudy

On 20th March 2023, the NSS Unit No: 588 of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda demonstrated their commitment to community service by cleaning and painting the surroundings of Chalakudy Railway Station on 20th March 2023. The Cleaning programs was done by the NSS volunteers of Christ College Of Engineering. The Railway Station Cleaning and Painting Old Chairs at Railway" was initiated with the aim of contributing to the cleanliness and aesthetics of our local railway station.


May 14, 2022


This report frames the method involved with making a seat from reused bamboo logs. The venture was embraced after the finish of our college tech fest, where there were a lot of extra bamboo logs that were not being used. Collectively, the volunteers chose to reuse the bamboo to make something utilitarian and useful to the local area. The group comprised of five people who were talented in carpentry, and the task was finished in 2 days beginning from 14 May 2022


Nov. 4, 2020

Jalakam – An outreach Initiative

A Social Initiative of our students, during the Covid pandemic period, under students chapter.  The students refurbished 32 mobile phones and donated 3 new to the school and college students to support their online education.


June 8, 2020

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Student group created Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser for maintaining hand hygiene with hand sanitizer and distributed for the needy.


Aug. 23, 2023

Sevanagiri Sevanalayam Orphanage visit

The purpose of the visit was to provide assistance and engage with the residents. A group of five NSS volunteers and three teachers accompanied us during the visit to Orphanage. During our visit to Sevanagiri Sevanalayam Orphanage, the residents kindly offered us hospitality by serving snacks.


Aug. 23, 2023


Computer Science Students visited Bethsaidha Orphanage in Cheloor, Irinjalakuda, Kerala. The orphanage is run by the Sanyasee Sabha and is home to over 20 peoples, above the age of 60.The group containing 29 new students along with 4 NSS volunteers was led by Mr. Reynold and Ms. Symol Simon (BSH dept).


Aug. 23, 2023


The students of Computer Science and Engineering of Christ college of Engineering, Irinjalakuda made a visit to Abhaya bhavan situated in Porathiserry, Irinjalakuda. The students were accompanied by two faculty members Mr. Vineed S Menon and Ms. Juna Antony along with 5 NSS volunteers. Abhayabhavan is an institution managed by Sisters who have dedicated their life to the service of Especially abled individuals.


Feb. 16, 2024

Self Defence Training Session

Women Empowerment Cell , CCE in association with Women Cell, Thrissur Rural Police conducted a Self Defence Training Session for Semester IV students. Session was handled by Self Defence Master trainers JIJI V. V, SINDHU T. K, SHAJAMOL.

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