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AI based health care system for elderly and diabetic people"

Extremely happy to share that Dr. V. Sampath Kumar is honoured by Governor of Goa Mr. Sridharan sir for his research titled "AI based health care system for elderly and diabetic people" at Christ Autonomous College.



Dr.Krishnapriya.S received a German Patent granted, titled “A System for Partitioning based Place and Route in 3D Integrated Circuits” on October 2023 (Application number: 202023105124)


Mr. Tony C Thomas

Mr. Tony C Thomas, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE has been selected as AICTE translator under 'Technical Book Writing Scheme'.


Mr. Rahul Manohar O

Patent Published: Mr. Rahul Manohar O, Assistant Professor. Dept. of ECE published a patent titled “Frequency Selective absorber using an innovative arrangement coir & rubber


Dr. Caren Babu

Dr. Caren Babu, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of ECE received a funding of Rs. 1.5 Lakh from Kerala Water Authority for developing 'Smart Pumping Station'


Mr. Rahul Manohar O

A team of students mentored by Mr. Rahul Manohar O received a funding of 2 Lakhs for developing 'Protoarm' from Kerala Start Up Mission


Mr. Tony C Thomas

Mr.Tony C Thomas, Assistant Professor, Dept.of ECE completed NPTEL Course 'Hardware Modeling using verilog' conducted by IIT Kharagpur as 'Topper with Elite Gold'


Dr. Caren Babu

Dr. Caren Babu published a paper titled 'Efficient scheme for WCE Image Compression based on chroma subsampling and encoding' in Elsevier Journal Biomedical Signal Processing


Dr. V Sampath Kumar

Dr. V Sampath Kumar awarded with a DST Funding of 15.53 Lakhs for a project Titled 'AI Based Healthcare for Elderly and disabled people' as the Principal Investigator.


Mr. Rahul Manohar O

Mr. Rahul Manohar O served as the resource person at METS College of Advanced Studies Mala for a workshop on 'Design Thinking for Innovation'


Ms. Manju I Kollannur and Mr. Tony C Thomas

Ms. Manju I Kollannur and Mr. Tony C Thomas presented paper at IEEE International Conference for Innovation in Technology, 2020

Sl.No Name Event Year Organized By Prize
1. Della Reasa Valiyaveettil Bone Fracture Detection Using Digital Image Processing 2020-2021 International Journal For Modern Trends In Science And Technology Journal

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